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Updated 30/3/2020 - We'll continue to update this page to let you know of any changes to our services

We love moving! Whether it be running, walking, hiking and or simply enjoying the outdoors.
As our community enters a challenging time, exercise will continue to be an outlet and a comfort.
You want to stay active? We want to help you do that.
We'll continue to update this page to let you know of any changes to our services

We are following South Australian and Federal Government guidelines on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and we want to let you know what you can expect when you visit us.
In store:
As of Monday 30/3/2020 we are strictly enforcing a rule of 1 x customer (Parent & Child) per 1x staff member. We will only have 2x staff members on, so if you arrive and both staff members are engaged we politely ask that you wait outside the store until someone leaves. Please ensure when you are waiting outside the store you are implementing the 1.5m social distancing rule.
○ We have new customer service practices which include 1.5m social distancing.
○ Under normal circumstances we would assist you to put on shoes and tie the laces – now we’ll guide you through this process.
○ We’ll ensure there’s appropriate space around the store including the counter.
○ Want to visit us at a quieter time? We suggest Early mornings Monday to Friday. You can also call us on 8223 6744 and we’ll tell you how quiet or busy the store is.
○ We sanitise our equipment regularly, including our specialist Run DNA technology.
○ We understand that some of you may not be able to visit us. In that case, our experts are ready to help via joggersworld.com.au. You can also email enquiries@joggersworld.com.au or call us on 8223 6744
○ We partner with Australia Post and Star Track for deliveries. Both organisations have implemented COVID-19 measures and while there may be some delay in deliveries, they are continuing to deliver using all possible precautions.

Our team:
○ We are monitoring the health and wellbeing of all team members, with regular temperature checks throughout the day and more stringent hygiene routines including sanitising hands after seeing each customer.
○ Where staff are able to work from home, we provide that option.
○ We’re working together as a team, communicating openly, checking in with each other, and ensuring everyone is up to date.
○ We recognise this situation is fast-moving, so we’re keeping abreast of COVID-19 government updates as they are issued. We’ll keep you informed of any changes to our services at Joggers World. We’ve been leaders in providing specialist running shoes and advice since 1979, and we’ll continue providing our expertise.
○ If you have any questions, please email enquiries@joggersworld.com.au or telephone (08) 8223 6744

Josh Willoughby & Tom Warhurst